A Teacher’s Christmas Wish

17 Dec

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This post was originally submitted by Joy of Teaching on December 15,2011.   

Given the current state of the Philadelphia School District there must be a ton of coal in the stockings of those who are abusing our schools.

The holiday season is upon us.  I know because the local radio station jolted me into it with the round-the-clock Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving.  The other day, I heard a song by Amy Grant titled “My Grown Up Christmas List”.  The lyrics express an adult’s wish for a peaceful world, long lasting friendships and healing.  This song has me thinking of what a Teacher’s Christmas List would look like.  So here is my version.

Dear Santa,

I am a teacher with the School district of Philadelphia.  I don’t know if you have paid attention to the many changes that our students, teachers and staff have endured this past year, but let me say they have been painful, shocking and at times disheartening.  So, this year I am writing to you with my teacher’s wish for this school year.

Could you please see to it that all of our students have a healthy breakfast, a warm bed and a supportive family?  This will make learning much easier and more enjoyable.

Could the students be blessed with an energetic, thoughtful and collaborative faculty?  The students will become engaged, participate more and most importantly feel respected and loved.

Can every student have books to read; Lots and lots of books to read, with many different topics and interests?  They will become lifelong readers.

Could you hide all of the ineffective programs and standardized tests?  They are a distraction from the art of educating children.  Maybe the elves could recycle them into more books!

Could you enlighten the administrative staff so that when they walkthrough our schools they can appreciate them for their diversity, dedicated staff and ingenuity.  It would help retain good teachers.

And if at all possible, could you put coal in the stockings of those who are abusing our schools; those who take many much needed dollars to enhance their own interests.  It’s for the children, please!

And for each teacher, I wish a stocking full of hugs, warm wishes and encouragement which is the real merit pay that they deserve.

Thank you,



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