Don’t Think About Thinking. Its Time For The PSSA!

15 Mar

You’ve Got to Be Kidding

Submitted by Frank Murphy, March 15, 2011

This is it!  Finally Pennsylvania’s Super Bowl of testing, the PSSA is here.

After months and months of vital and essential test preparation, your students will now have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned this year.

Sure you are probably feeling more than a bit tense.  You want them to do well.


Your leaders believe in you.  That is as long as you have done as you were told:

•You have covered everything that will be on the test.

•You have followed the instructional script with fidelity.

•You made sure that your students completed all of their “do nows” and test prep materials.

•You encouraged your students to attend the after school and Saturday test enrichment programs.

Trust the district’s “empowerment scripts”. All that is important has been written there. Don’t think about thinking.  It’s not on the test. To help ease your mind, listen to this pleasant song. It will help you to focus on the true meaning of NCLB testing.

  1. IteachinPhilly

    March 15, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Yup. My students have not read a shred of literature or written anything original for four months! 40% of the school year WASTED on how to take a test.

    I hope composing a canned response and filling in dots helps them get a job some day because right now our kids don’t have a clue about the world of things that other kids are getting as part of a well-rounded education.